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Anthropology. Psychology. Faith. Education.

E​rin Kincaid​

  My goal in psychological-anthropology exploration is to provide access to topics that affect many so the many can not only access but grasp and interact with, as well.  All too often, academia nourishes only itself. Anthropology is about people.  It should be for the people.   It should be understood, and palpable, for every reasoning person. Through the So What blog, future articles and educational work, I hope to engage in pysch-anthro conversations with as many people as possible; encouraging discussion and thoughts that press us on to the deeper conversation. 
  Through my counseling and work in the social service sector,
I hope to change hearts and lives for the better. 
  Through my faith,
I hope to inspire and service those in my sphere and beyond. 
Thank you for visiting. I pray we connect someday. 
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  Erin Kincaid holds an M.A. in Theological and Cultural Anthropology
from Eastern University, a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Counseling
from Southwestern Theological Seminary & Walsh Counseling Center,
and Bachelors in Psychology with a cognate in Christian Counseling
and various certifications within the social service and counseling industry.   
  She is the Senior Directing Counselor at Higher Hopes Counseling and advising Director of Counseling Management at Heath Counseling in Texas.  Erin has held the position of Senior Director of Education & Prevention and Director of Education at various domestic violence/sexual assault agencies and shelters in North Texas. As well, she is active within German-speaking communities since her time on the foreign mission field in former East Germany. 
 Erin's passions, posts, and projects reflect her love for culture, faith, education, counseling, and people. 
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