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So What. (tel quel)

Rockwall Heath Counseling Blog

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A French avant-garde literary magazine, in print from the early '60s until 1982, Tel Quel  (French translation: "So What") focused its print work on deconstruction & post-structuralism. By no means am I a philosopher, nor do I hope to deconstruct much into any semblance of philosophy. Instead, I offer here a series of thoughts and opinions on life, through a revival of Tel Quel, (interestingly the home of Derridas' regular contributions) as they have curdled to the top of my gray brain matter demanding a place. So in an attempt to provide that place, in this space of deeper thoughts and explorations on all things anthropological and psychological, I will purge and play. 
Feel free to respond, contribute, debate, or roll your eyes as you pass through. 
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